Thursday Links



60 degrees yesterday, right now it's 20 and not expected to get any warmer.

Action figures depicting presidents as Famous Monsters of Filmland

Video- Oxford's Ashmolean Museum unveils silver treasure trove

Backyard Farming Gets Fancy

Welcome to the house of booze! Building is made of 500,000 recycled BEER BOTTLES discarded from casinos in Las Vegas

Imagining a drone-proof city: an architectural proposal

How do you give a polar bear a 'medical'?

Ari, Ezekiel, and Rahm Emanuel’s Upbringing: Their Tight Bond, Childhood Dustups, and Skirmishes with Racist Bullies

Dog walker finds strange-smelling yellow rock on beach thought to be whale sick worth £100,000

New Jersey, home of Hitler's toilet

Vegetarians 'cut heart risk by 32%'

Poll: U.S. youth more optimistic

Valley of poverty: The desperate pictures of rural America that show 1930s-style depression actually lasted until the SIXTIES

A Brief History of Movie Characters Getting Whacked in the Balls

Potty training? Try whistling! Vietnamese families credit it with getting their babies out of nappies by nine months