Gov. Scott Walker wants more "choice," but does Wisconsin spend more per student on vouchers than public schools?


school vouchers is reporting that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker said one of his goals is to "improve" public schools, but when improvement just isn't enough, it's school voucher time! Or as he likes to call it, "other options" *coughPRIVATIZATIONcough*.

And by other options, he means that government helps pay for tuition at private schools, including religious schools. Or as I like to call it, exclusion and discrimination.

Or as Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and I both like to call it, siphoning funds away from public schools. *coughUNIONBUSTINGcough*

Then as I toddled around The Internets, I noticed a very astute Matthew DeFour at the Wisconsin State Journal asking, "Does the state provide more money to students who use private school vouchers than to students who attend public schools?"

The top Democrat on the Assembly Education Committee released a memo Wednesday from the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau showing 80 percent of school districts in Wisconsin receive less general state aid per student than the $6,442 amount that about 24,500 students in Milwaukee and Racine can receive to attend private schools.

Here's the cover letter. Follow the link to see the contents of the memo, and this link to read more of DeFour's piece:

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