CHART: Abortions are legal, but not accessible. And that's just the way conservatives want it.


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Think Progress is reporting that the new anti-choice legislation to watch is the ‘Fetal Heartbeat’ bills banning nearly all abortions.  

Of course, Paul Ryan has cosponsored fetal personhood bills from time to time, bills that give zygotes the same rights as any living, breathing U.S. citizen who has already been born.

Now variations are popping up in Ohio, Mississippi, Wyoming, Arkansas, and North Dakota. Mississippi, Arkansas, and North Dakota only have one abortion provider remaining in the entire state, and despite murder threats by anti-abortion extremists, a new clinic may become available in Kansas.

But despite being constitutional, abortion providers are becoming less and less accessible, which is exactly what conservatives are aiming for. In fact, Think Progress also posted that Oregon is the only state left that hasn’t imposed any restrictions on abortion.

Chart via Wonkblog’s Sarah Kliff:

chart abortion restrictions by state

A must-see interactive version of the chart is here.

Of course, there's no War on Women. Just on their reproductive rights, privacy, and health.