Immigration Reform Watch: Lindsey Graham equates including gay couples with "taxpayer funded abortion"


family values my ass

In their post McCain: Binational Same-Sex Couples Are ‘Not Of Paramount Importance’ To Immigration Reform, Think Progress included this gem of a Little Lindsey quote:

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When one half of a couple is an American citizen and the other is not, even if they are *gasp!* gay, they still love each other and need to be together, just as all families do. That's called -- say it with me, Senator-- a re-la-tion-ship.

Try to process this, Linds: Same-sex couples are family who care deeply for one another. Deal:

There are “at least 28,500 same-sex couples in the United States in which one partner is a U.S. citizen and the other is not, and 11,500 same-sex couples where neither partner is a U.S. citizen,” the Williams Institute estimates.

But according to Graham, an amendment that would provide for binational gay and lesbian couples = taxpayer funded abortion.  If that didn't make sense to you, then you are a reasonable, sane, caring person.

Oh, now I get it! This must be an example of how the GOP is trying to soften their message in order appeal to more voters! See: Karl Rove said to the GOP: Just don’t *sound* intolerant, Bobby Jindal said, “If we want people to like us, we have to like them first,” and Yep, still a pig, Reince Priebus.

Family values my ass.

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