Another day, another GOP hypocrite


pro life hypocrisy Via Sodahead

In today's L.A. Times, there was an article about the Senate approving $50.5 billion in Superstorm Sandy aid. Wow, Senate, that only took... months.

But aside from the obvious outrage-worthy content in the piece, there was one quote that caught my eye:

A number of Republicans unsuccessfully sought to offset the aid with cuts to other federal spending.

"We have a habit here of throwing money at things under an emergency category and then later finding out, one, it wasn’t an emergency where the money went, and number two, it was misspent and not effective,’’ said Sen. Dan Coats (R-Ind.).

Via Wiki:

From August 15, 2001 to February 28, 2005, Coats was the United States Ambassador to Germany.[11][12] As ambassador during the lead up to the Iraq war, he pressured the German government not to oppose the war, threatening worsened US relations with Germany.[13]  [...]

In 2007, Coats served as co-chairman of a team of lobbyists for Cooper Industries, a Texas corporation that moved its principal place of business to Bermuda, where it would not be liable for U.S. taxes. He successfully blocked Senate legislation that would have prevented a tax loophole, worth hundreds of millions of dollars to Cooper Industries.[16]  [...]

Coats is affiliated with the Fellowship, an informal association of Christian lawmakers.[25]

So he supported invading and destroying Iraq, a war that was kept off the books, a war that wasn't paid for or "offset," a war that was put on a credit card and threw "money at things" and then we "later found out, one, it wasn’t an emergency where the money went, and number two, it was misspent and not effective."

And he supported those infamous Romney-style offshore tax havens that have cost our economy a pretty penny.

And he claims to be oh so Christian, yet voted against helping fellow Americans whose lives were devastated by a natural disaster. Pro-life my ass.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Coats.