Monday Links



I never watched "Kids In The Hall", but thems some scary photos.

Fox's talking heads bear uncanny resemblance to Kids in the Hall

'The Cleaning Fairy' strikes again! Woman who broke into house to 'tidy up' is now arrested for 'shoveling man's driveway without his permission'

Futurist Ray Kurzweil predicts in-body computers and a potential war with machines

Video- Meet the last members of Bolivia's disappearing indigenous tribe

Video- The Best Ad Campaign of All Time Gets a Very Necessary Sequel

Bullet-proof classroom whiteboard that doubles as a shield, weapon and even a LIFE RAFT: Sandy Hook inspires spy device to keep children safe

Police run out of gift cards at gun buyback

Flipping heck: Is pinball about to stage a recovery?

Useful words with no English equivalent

Alcoholism vaccine will give drinkers an immediate hangover if they drink even a small amount of booze

Ontario gets first female and openly gay premier

Rene Mouchotte: Puzzle of Battle of Britain hero solved