I've had it


rant alert

As most of you know, I tweet our TPC posts on Twitter all day, so I am exposed to many, many wonderful people, but also a whole lot of truly deranged types. After awhile it adds up. Then I compound that by making the mistake of watching the Sunday Talkers, and bam! I occasionally gotta vent.

This is one of those times. So forgive me for this extended Moment of Negative, but my poor head is about to explode. Feel free to jump in any time with your own "had-its." I'm certain I forgot a few and may add more later. And with that...

I've had it with:

Stupid people.

Rape jokes.





Needless misunderstandings.

BP ads boasting about awesome Gulf coast vacation spots that are even better now that they've killed everything off with their deadly oil pollution.

Sunday talk show hosts.

Sunday talk show guests.

Sunday talk shows.

Conservative pundits.

Loud overtalking/constant interrupting.


Nasty trolls.

Nasty stupid trolls.

Rude, insecure putzes.

Stupid people.

Very stupid people.

Smart, seemingly highly educated, informed political people on the Tee Vee Machine with poor verbal skills saying knowingly stupid things.

Lack of foresight.

Lack of hindsight.

Gun zealots.

Religious zealots.

Right wing zealots.

Judgmental righties.

Judgmental lefties.


Self-righteous right wing nut jobs.

Self-righteous Dems.

Self-righteous know-it-alls.

Stupid self-righteous know-it-alls.

Did I mention stupid people?


War on Women.

War on Voters.

War on LGBT.





People who don't listen.

People who judge blog posts and articles solely by their titles without reading the post itself.

People who judge blog posts and articles solely by their titles without reading the post itself, then comment inappropriately.

People who comment on posts without having followed the links in the post that would answer any questions they have.

People on Twitter who assume all retweets are endorsements, as opposed to realizing that sometimes a retweet is simply to point out an interesting, different, or controversial p.o.v.

People on Twitter who consistently confuse "lose" and "loose," "it's" and "its," "your" and "you're" (not typos).


People on Twitter who don't provide context to their tweets-- sometimes threads are not traceable or visible-- who tweet things like, "Me too!" or "When?" or "How can you say that?!"

Republicans who can't see beyond their own donors.

Republicans who can't see beyond their own power grabs.

Republicans who can't see beyond their own ideology.

Climate change deniers.

People with no sense of humor.

People who think they have a sense of humor, but don't.

Condescending windbags.


Willful ignorance.


RyanCantorTrumpMcCainPalinBreitbartWestBachmannMcConnellRandPaul [insert more names here].


Whew! Thanks. I needed that.

whew dog

  • trog69

    Unless it's family members that you don't want to alienate. I just skip their asinine pro-gun posts, because they're unhinged about pro-gun thing, and I'm not about to wade into that cesspool. I tried, but I don't have all my life to dedicate to re-arguing a point, only to have them post yet another insane caricature of pro-gun regulation people like me. I just ignore the posts now, though the couple that post them already have heard my views, loudly. 

    My rant is kinda off-topic, but it's to say to Mac fanbois and girls to put a sock in it. I might be an anachronism, because I'm a retiree with an uber-powered gaming PC and laptop, but if I hear one more Mac-owning goober try and tell me that paying 1/3 more for  less powerful components, and still having to install Windows on a Mac in order for 3/4 of my games to run, is preferable to deleting some unwanted bloatware installed on new PCs ( I don't have that problem, because I buy from a boutique-IBuyPower PC, that only installs what you tell them to; components and OS) I'm gonna get stabby!

  • Me, too!!!

  •   People whose only knowledge of any current political debate is completely based upon talking points they've memorized from Faux News and El Rushbo, and therefore feel "armed to the teeth" with facts from an alternate reality-free universe...  I abandoned Facebook to escape their wrath.

          When someone writes "Your stupid!" and doesn't understand when you reply with "My stupid WHAT?"...

  • galileo126

    Amen, sistuh!

    Never let stupid go unanswered. Silence is acceptance.

  • Hypocrites, outsourcing, consumerism, churches that get non profit status but play politics, pornbots, people who say "I'm not racist but..."   

  • People with radio shows/blogs who spew audio violence in order to sow real violence

  • Car alarms that signify they're armed/disarmed by honking the horn

  • mellowjohn

    Illegitimi non carborundum

  • Talk show guests who are promoting their movie/book/fragrance/clothing line and have nothing at all to say.

  • Older_Wiser2

    Yeah, me, too.

  • Catch your breath Lass you will need it for later..

  • lovely lovely rant.  I agree.  when i feel like that I go read "The Onion" for a good laugh.

  • Ruh roh. She mad! 

  • Excellent.

  • SUnday TAlk show sponsors.

    People who have failed getting on Sunday talk shows as experts.

    The stock market and financial "things" treated as actual investments

    OMIGOD who is that on my TV?  Newt Gingrich.  I thought we had stepped on him 20 years ago.

  • maggy

    LOL!!  Ditto X infinity