Video Overnight Thread- Bad Lip Reading the Inauguration 2013



  •  Was that an attempt at humor? Or were you serious? I see this is going nowhere, which is why you were blocked in the first place.

  • AAPD418

    My legal counsel has prepared this response to your questions: "Further discussion of the topic may involve 18 U.S.C., Parts 1 §§ 1–2725 as amended. For this reason I respectfully decline to answer."

    Good night.

  •  So what brought you around? Why did you feel so humbled and apologetic? Because to be honest, you were terribly rude, condescending and insulting, as I recall.

    I'm happy to make amends, but I'd like to know what that was all about, and what changed. Thanks.

  • AAPD418

    Well, Senator, it is true that I started a new account, and my failure to follow you was a mistake. A grievous, terrible, humiliating mistake. Thank you.

  •  Oh I remember you! What's weird is that I blocked you, but the block is now gone. I did not do that. Did you start a new account? And you're not following me, your account is locked. Why all that if you're turning over a new leaf?

  • AAPD418

    @AAPD0418 (I was a real jerk, but now I've got religion.)

  •  I'm so confused. But I do love Borowitz.

    Who are you on Twitter? I appreciate the apology, but no idea what it's about.

  • AAPD418

    I stole it from Andy Borowitz. I retweet his column. His sense of humor appeals to my sense of humor. They came from the same humor source in outer space.

    Also, I apologize to you for getting in a snit and unfollowing you. I don't even remember what it was about, but I think it involved me on top of my horse. He is quite high, in the sense of height, not intoxication. You did not deserve it. I have replaced my snit-o-meter with a new one.

  • Yes, the inauguration did, indeed, happen on Obama's watch. Are you commenting on the wrong thread? Or are you interpreting "bad lip reading" comedy as reality?

    And what exactly should he be impeached for again? Never mind. I'll just read Fox talking points and that will refresh my memory.

  • AAPD418

    This happened on Obama's watch. He should resign or be impeached. Disgraceful.