Friday Links



Thanks to everyone who sent their well wishes, the leak is taken care of. I'm very lucky to be friends with my neighbor who rents properties and he sent over his fix-it guy who dispatched it in no time and charged practically nothing. Had to move my complete computer room out though, and set it back up in another room. So that was fixed, and this morning I pulled a muscle in my inner leg and am having a hard time getting around. Is spring here yet?

Can electric cars be used as backup generators?

The amazing 3-D sonar images of the only U.S. Navy ship sunk in the Gulf of Mexico during the Civil War which has been resting at the bottom of the sea for 150 years

Great Movies, as Seen Through Google Street View

Ready for some new kids on the block: Three-storey hotel made from LEGO to open at California theme park

Allison Williams envisions how her dad, Brian Williams, would report her death

Fast-food 'linked to childhood asthma and eczema'

Obama's Fourth Year in Office Ties as Most Polarized Ever

The library without any BOOKS: World's first computer-only library to open in Texas