Lots of security necessary at Sundance Film Festival premiere of "After Tiller" about abortion providers, patients

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These four clinics have been targeted, threatened and are struggling to stay open.

I often write about post-Dr. George Tiller efforts to provide reproductive health services for women all over the United States. It's getting more and more difficult, as you can see in my post Despite murder threats by anti-abortion extremists, a new clinic is trying to serve Kansas women.

It's Roe v. Wade's 40th birthday, yet pro-forced-birthers are harassing and intimidating easy female targets and using hostility and scare tactics on physicians and other personnel that offer legal abortions. Clinics are closing, health services are disappearing, and women are being deprived of care as well as their rights.

And Dr. George Tiller, one of the brave health care providers who never allowed these extremists to intimidate or stop him from legally helping women who depended on his services, was murdered.


Now the Sundance Film Festival is premiering a documentary called "After Tiller." Just showing a movie about Dr. Tiller created an atmosphere similar to what the four clinics pictured above are experiencing. The L.A. Times:

For starters, police and armed sheriffs in green jumpsuits made a show of force outside the Temple Theater. Attendees had to have their bags searched and were checked by guards with hand-held metal detectors. After the movie screened, two police officers stood at the front of the auditorium as the directors of the abortion documentary — and the four doctors featured in the film — answered questions from the audience.

"After Tiller" is an intimate and heartfelt look at the four doctors who legally perform third-trimester abortions in the United States, doing so even after the 2009 assassination of such a physician, Dr. George Tiller.  [...]

Late abortions make up less than 1% of all abortions performed in the United States... Small discoveries like that drew the duo to the subject. [...]

The women turn to these late-term procedures for personal and medical reasons, including fetal anomalies, the health of the women, and sometimes because the women don't even realize or admit to themselves that they are pregnant.

For many of these patients, and their male partners, the decision is an agonizing one. And the doctors themselves frequently discuss moral questions themselves. ... They voice concern about what desperate measures women might take if their services were unavailable. As to whether the protests against what he does ever gave him doubts regarding his work, Dr. LeRoy Carhart said, "I never even give it a second thought."

Please read more about the film here.


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  • The Centers for Disease Control published clear back in 1983, "Deaths from hemorrhage associated with legal induced abortion should not occur." In every hemorrhage death they investigated, "Lack of adequate postoperative monitoring or treatment of hemorrhagic shock" was a factor. The CDC's article noted, "Deaths from hemorrhage can be eliminated by preventing uterine trauma during abortion and by rapidly diagnosing and treating hemorrhage if it occurs."
    So do you have any curiosity as to why "After Tiller" hero Carhart just let a 29-year-old abortion patient bleed to death in Maryland?

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    If you are interested, here are some links from the Salt Lake Tribune about it; the comments got very nasty!




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    I saw the segment Rachel did on those four clinics and I've seen the special she did on Dr. Tiller.  I would like to see this new movie.  It is a shame that women have to deal with this issue still today, and I applaud the doctors and nurses who put themselves on the line to help women.  People don't understand - sometimes abortion is necessary.  No one likes it, no one is FOR it...but it is a legal medical procedure, one that should only involve a woman and her doctor.  Women should not be harassed for it and doctors and nurses should certainly not be terrorized (and worse) for doing their jobs.  Those people have more courage in their little fingers than forced birthers do, in my opinion.