Va. Senate districts redrawn. Dem. Senator: "It's an underhanded sneak attack." Gov. McDonnell condemns the move.


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Oh those wacky, zany Republicans and their laughable self-righteous, "we're the moral ones" 'tude... as they sneak around and redraw legislative districts while their fellow senators are at events like, you know, presidential inaugurations.

Via TPM, we see that even GOP Gov. Bob"Ultrasound" McDonnell "condemned his own party’s political gamesmanship," although he hasn't said yet if he would veto this plan:

Republicans took advantage of the absence of a Democratic state senator (and civil rights leader) to push their surprise legislative redistricting through what is usually an evenly divided state Senate. State Sen. Henry Marsh’s (D) trip to the inauguration of President Obama briefly made the Senate makeup 20-19 in favor of the GOP, letting Republicans launch their surprise attack.

Per, the changes, which wouldn't kick in until the 2015 Senate elections, also create a new black majority district in Southside Virginia:

The move blindsided Senate Democrats and reopened partisan wounds inflicted last year, when Republicans used Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling's tie-breaking vote to seize working control of the evenly divided chamber.

Democrat John Edwards of Roanoke said, "It's an underhanded sneak attack."

Republicans rely on dirty tricks more and more because they have no other way to win elections or legislative votes. If only their ideas had merit, if only they weren't so consumed with power grabs, maybe something could actually be accomplished. And maybe they could even earn a little trust.