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  • It IS about the 2nd Amendment. No Army company with muskets could defeat an
    Army company with artillery. Type of weapon is practically irrelevant! Regulate, regulate, regulate; BUT, assault weapons, and a helluva lot more, are included under Constitutional protection. Don't like it? CHANGE the Constitution. Short of that, ANYTHING a soldier would use in battle TODAY, is protected TODAY. There are LOTS of things in the Bill of Rights that work AGAINST us, in certain circumstances. That doesn't give us the right to disregard those protections, or pick & choose when we want to observe those protections.

    Guns have ONE purpose: Killing people. Newsflash: The Army, the Navy, Air Force, and Marines have ONE purpose, as well. Killing people. The difference? We CONTROL the MILITARY.

    There's only ONE interpretation of the 2nd Amendment: Protection of Liberty. Therefore, there's only ONE thing we can do to protect innocent people from collateral damage from that protection, and that's REGULATION.

    President Obama did not suggest ONE THING that actually restricts gun ownership. I believe that is because the President is an EXPERT on Constitutional LAW.

    It can be made a lot better, but we can't stop unnecessary deaths due to firearms. However, if we don't do absolutely EVERYTHING we can to stop EVERY SINGLE UNJUST DEATH, every such death is OUR FAULT.

  • Bravo. Bravo.