Mitch McConnell pretends to intend to work together with President Obama


mitch mcconnell make obama one term president

On Inauguration Night back in 2009, the GOP conspired to obstruct and destroy President Obama’s every attempt to reach across the aisle in order to create programs and laws that benefit Americans. You can read about that unpatriotic plan here: GOP plot to obstruct- Obama aide in bed with GOP lover: “How do we get a stimulus deal?” Reply: “Baby, there’s no deal!” and watch a clip of Vice President Biden calling them out.

The Republicans plan failed miserably, as has been driven home by President Obama's landslide re-election and today's inauguration speech.

However, the GOP found little to like in Obama's address. For example:

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich agreed, saying, “The climate change part was, on one level, frankly strange. I think he believes it, I think he’s sincere, but it’s still strange. The great energy revolution we’re living through is called oil and gas.”

Yes, continuing our dependence on oil is Newt's idea of revolutionary and cutting edge. What a forward thinker.

Despite his party's bitterness and petty/irrational criticisms, Mitch McConnell is fake-reaching out and pretending to want to work with the president. Nothing could be more laughable. Does he really think Obama is that gullible? Or that we are?


The president’s second term represents a fresh start when it comes to dealing with the great challenges of our day; particularly, the transcendent challenge of unsustainable federal spending and debt,” McConnell said.

Republicans are eager to work with the President on achieving this common goal, and we firmly believe that divided government provides the perfect opportunity to do so,” he said.

Together, there is much we can achieve,” the Senate Republican leader added.

And by "fresh start" he means Obstruction Version 2.0.

And by "eager" he means reluctant.

And by "achieve" he means block.

  • McConnell cannot be trusted. We saw his makeup in the first term. His "Number One Priority" cost this nation jobs, made the stock market unstable, left a lot of great legislation on the table with over 300 Filibusters. The man is not a patriot, and McCains Mantra of Country First was pure Bullshit. They tanked our economy, slowed our recovery and the Country be damned. Their policies (Right To Work For Less) cause people to lose jobs, forcing them to seek help from the government, then they label them TAKERS. #DitchMitchin2014.  Throw the obstructionists out. They said they wanted to take the country back and they meant it literally. Take it back to before the Voting Rights Act, Roe v Wade, Collective Bargaining Rights, Women's Health Rights, Cut Education, Police (over 650,000 public sector jobs lost and people added to the unemployment rolls). They have no intention to help working America. They held up Disaster Aid for the Northeast for three months for no reason, brought us to the edge of a Cliff they created, threatened to hold the country hostage over the debt ceiling again, after we suffered the 1st downgrade in our credit in history, costing US taxpayers 50 Billion Dollars in Interest, voted against the Disabilities Treaty, which would benefit disabled Vets. They are bought and paid for by the likes of lobbiests like Norquist or the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adleson and Big Dark Money. Just watch how they vote on issues and it's obvious that they serve the 1%. To work against your government, especially in a state of crisis is TREASON! They are already working on stealing the next election by messing with the electoral college. They're criminals, wolves in sheep's clothing and they cannot be trusted. Boehner, Can'ter, McConnell, Macarthy, Ryan all plotted in 2008 to bring PBO down at all costs. It's all in B&W and you can Google all that I have said. I'm and Independant who now hates what they stand for. Notice that no GOP leader has taken a stand against slander, false claims about Susan Rice, Sandra Flucke or PBO, so the lies go on and on, nor do they support the Dreamers, the unemployed, students, elderly. The only Republican who has shown any leadership is Chris Christie, although we disagree on the issues. The GOP is now moot, irrElephant, but as long as they can Gerrymander a hold on the congress we wild not move forward and they are hell bent on "making it impossible for a Democrat to govern". If this is the way patriots should behave than we have a severe problem. Regardless of what state you live in or what party you belong to, if you love this country vote out obstructionists, cheats and con men.

  • There will be no compromise with these people, as there is none with my neighbor, who today, on MLK day and the 2nd Inauguration of our first black president, decided to be so distasteful and boorish as to display a confederate flag on the front door of his home.  I went back to take a picture a while ago, and it had been taken down.  I had planned on posting it, you know, since he was so proud of it.  Neighbors around here are pissed.  

    There is no reasoning with patent assholes, of which, the GOP and my neighbor are cut of the same cloth.

    Why must we endure these people?

  • smgess

    You nailed it. There will be no compromise with 
    these people. There will be no progress until we vote them all out in 2014. Every blessed one of them.