Growing Latino clout forces GOP hand-- including evangelical pastors, US Chamber of Commerce-- on immigration reform


Panderers Box

President Obama has consistently been on the side of Dreamers, as you can see here, as well as doing his best to provide Latinos (and everyone else) with comprehensive health care coverage and more. And the GOP fought him and obstructed his every plan every step of the way.

That lost them elections.

So Karl Rove said this to his fellow Republicans: Just don’t *sound* intolerant, fool America into thinking you care. Of course he did. It's all about optics.

In 2012, Mitt Romney famously said, “It would be helpful to be Latino.” Of course he did. It's all about winning. In fact, on the Maddow show, Rosie Perez mocked Romney on immigration and his “joking” about that very thing.

And Bobby Jindal said, “If we want people to like us, we have to like them first.” In that post I noted that it’s one thing to be introspective and see the error of your ways. It’s quite another to do an abrupt 180 and pretend you care, hoping nobody will notice that you’re pandering your ass off.

But pander they will, no matter how much their eyes water and they grind their teeth down to stumps. After all, cosmetics and superficial slogans and narratives are their forte. They believe that will get them the political donations and votes they need to win at the ballot box.

But what actually works, what actually appeals to voters is standing up for all Americans in word and deed, not just old rich old white guys. Take this for example...

With Obama fundraising, Latinos demonstrate growing clout:

Though $30 million was a small slice of Obama's record $1.1-billion haul, the Futuro Fund inducted a new cohort of donors into national politics, and created a Latino fundraising network that other politicians are clamoring to access. Most importantly, the group's work demonstrated the growing clout of Latinos beyond the ballot box. [...]

Democrats are using the inauguration to cement ties with the new class of donors. [...]

A large share came at high-dollar events, such as a fundraiser Obama headlined at the Los Angeles home of actors Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith. But organizers also worked the phones. Concern about the GOP presidential challengers, who quarreled in the primaries over who would be tougher on illegal immigrants, helped spur contributions.

Latino donors "just didn't feel that the Republicans even understood their point of view," Lopez said. "And frankly, a lot of them said, 'I've never been asked,' which was our hunch."

So now they've been asked, and now they'll have more influence, as they should. And you know what that means...

Republican allies advocate for immigration reform. We all saw this coming:

Traditional pillars of the Republican base, such as police groups, evangelical pastors and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, have begun to push skeptical GOP lawmakers to change federal immigration laws to allow most of the nation's 11 million illegal immigrants to apply for legal status.

The issue has long been fought mostly between Republicans and Democrats. But the fate of a potential immigration overhaul may be determined by battles erupting inside the GOP. [...]

Republican strategists have dubbed the emerging coalition "Bibles, badges and business." And opponents are gearing up their own lobbying machinery in favor of restricting immigration. [...]

"Republicans need to change now because the country is changing," said Nowrasteh, the immigration expert at the Cato Institute. "It is self preservation as well."

There it is: Self preservation. Bingo.