VIDEO-- 5-year-old girl: Ooo, let's shoot bubbles! PA elementary school: You're a terrorist. Suspended! No, I'm not kidding.


hello kitty bubbles gitmo


In one Pennsylvania elementary school, 5-year-old girls in kindergarten who suggest it might be fun to blast bubbles at other 5-year-olds using a small, pink, plastic Hello Kitty bubble blower get suspended.

And that suspension makes it impossible to be accepted into other schools. Because, see, toy bubble-shooters are now evil threatening weapons and tots who want to not-harm other children with a not-harmful, painless, floaty stream of bubbles are now "terrorists."

Bubbles don't kill people, people kill people.


A 5-year-old girl was suspended from school earlier this week after she made what the school called a "terrorist threat."

Her weapon of choice? A small, Hello Kitty automatic bubble blower.

Did I mention that the child didn't even have the bubbler with her at school?

Did I mention her weapon of choice was a doodad that blows bubbles?

deadly bubbles

Did I mention that the 5-year-old was ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation? 

Guess what the outcome of the evaluation was? You guessed right. The little girl was "deemed normal" and not a threat. Imagine that! She's as harmless as a little (Hello) Kitty.

But now she's got a "record" and has been turned down by another school because of her scary terrorist past. Before you know it, there will be drones tracking her and she'll be on a watch list.

Why, soon there could be a Baby Gitmo at every neighborhood mall (So convenient!) where moms 'n' dads can shop to their hearts' content after paying a visit to their Little Prisoner.

Hello Gitty?

  • Z54

    We use to put highly intelligent, highly trained people in charge of our schools! Not any more it would seem! A zero tolerance policy on smarts and a high tolerance for STUPID!

  • Fire the principal before he locks a kid in a closet. 

  • Mahhn

    I hope they sue the school for stupidity. Sound like a lame school at best.

  • Instead of reacting to your overactive imagination, react to reality of a child playing with a toy.

  • The administration that suspended this girl should be fired for gross incompetence and lack of judgment. 

  • vallehombre

    Perhaps the concern is the gun like device and the idea of "shooting" at each other that raised the issue initially. Why were the parents not evaluated instead of the kid?

    Toy guns don't kill people but they sure make it seem like fun to get a real one.

    Imagine the reaction if some kid came to school with a black barbie doll and a noose.

  • cityguyusa

    Absurd! Their not going to let this CT shooting drift into the background.

  • FreeMonkey

     You stumped me... how can I tell if you are a terrorist or not?  How can I tell if you are for gun control or not?  .... You must be a terrorist.  Guard, police, help!  This man is a terrorist!  He's not making sense!

  • rblevy

    Did the school Mirandize her? If not maybe she can have her record expunged. Just sayin'.   

  • oddlyenuf

    I don't care so much about the dirty words. It's the thought that counts. You'd think that implying that a person is like a girl was some kind of insult. Silly boy!

  • The guards would be armed with fully automatic bubble machines, I suppose.

  • Amelia67

    Good god, this is insane.  A normal 5-year-old who just wants to blow bubbles at her friends has totally lacking in common sense officials come down on her while the gun nuts led by the NRA pimps fight against even the most basic, common sense regulations on items that can actually kill people.  If it weren't both so pathetic and so harmful, it would be hilarious.

  • Jane Hawes

     People are getting GROPED and ZAPPED with X-rays at airports.  Although I agree, having to take your shoes off is bad enough.  Fourth Amendment, anyone?

  • flan59

    That is a disgusting term. Please refrain from using it.

  • flan59

    I brought a pocket knife to school... in grade school. I got sent home with it. That was it. They told me I can't bring knives to school and so I didn't. That was in the '60's I didn't know better, neither did they... Depending in what she said, perhaps just a little "it isn't nice to say you want to shoot someone in the face with might put someone's eyes out". And then that would be the end of it.

  • cognachas4paws

    We've gone off the rails with this "terrorist" nonsense.   If we would stop over-reacting to everything, we could come up with some real, common sense solutions to our real problems.  Instead, we flip out and before you know it, people are taking off their shoes to get on an airplane and five year olds are getting suspended for bubble toys.

  • We really have turned  into a nation of wet-legged cunts, haven't we? The terrorists had already won on 9/11 and will continue to always win as long as morons like this are given positions of authority. God I loathe what this cuntry's turned into and yes, that spelling is deliberate.

  • smgess

    But I bet this school board is pushing for armed 'guards' at her school. You know, the guys who really are terrorists?