Valerie Jarrett: Obama Cabinet "far from finished - will have diversity including women, including people of color."


valerie jarrett leg obama cabinet

Premature judgification is rampant these days. Please note: If it persists for more than four hours, see your doctor. Or something. But enough about spoofs of epidemic GOP medical issues and, erm, shortcomings. We have gratuitous criticisms to address!

Or maybe they're not gratuitous, but can we at least give the president time to, you know, complete his Cabinet picks before we all jump on his choices?

(CNN) - "His Cabinet when he's finished - and he's far from finished - will have diversity including women, including people of color," Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett told CNN's chief national correspondent John King and chief political analyst Gloria Borger from the White House shortly before Obama took the Oath of Office.

See? Valerie Jarrett's leg isn't the only female representation that we should expect to almost, barely, kind of see in the coming months. We'll likely see all kinds of legs. Patience.

However, I do hope they'll be more prominent in the next group photo. Maybe both legs will even be visible next time. And if the photographer is feeling particularly generous, perhaps a glimpse of an arm would be in order.


"One picture does not speak a thousand words."

"He believes he makes his best decisions when he is surrounded by people who have different perspectives and give him their best ideas," she said. "I spent a lot of time in the Oval Office and I'm in there with a great number of women who he listens to and whose council and advice he trusts greatly."


So to all you critics out there, you don't have a leg to stand on. (Bygones.)