Doonesbury: "When Republicans exit... they're all about corporate speeches & golf." Dems "remain engaged as global citizens."

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Garry Trudeau covers the GOP, Willard M. Romney, and the Big Dog all in one strip.

Per Doonesbury, after they finish whatever it is they did in public life, GOPers immediately retreat to their safe corporate universe. Mitt made a beeline to a board, other Republicans make beelines to corporations and fancy schmancy golf courses, and Democrats? They make an effort to connect to people and do some good, but apparently tick everyone off in the process.

But Bill Clinton? He's an equal opportunity entertainer.

  • Doonesbury: “When Republicans exit… they’re all about corporate speeches & golf.” Dems “remain engaged as global citizens.”

    With the exception of Mittens:  he's all about pumping gas . . .

  • smgess

    I've been saying the same thing for months. What ex=GOP President ever did one damn thing to give back to the nation thqat made them wealthier than sin? the only time George 1 was ever involved was with Clinton after Katrina. And that was very brief. My MIL was a staunch GOPer who watched Pat Robertson daily. Yet she never gave a cent to a church or even to Robertson. She never donated her time. She never gave back at all. If you notice, the gun lovers are not about having guns to protect the NATION; they are about stockpiling stuff to save THEMSELVES. 

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