Video- Bill O'Reilly Warns Of The Dire Future In Store For Obama's Second Term



  • While my son was in Iraq some years ago, he and his buddies would take bets on how long it would take Bill O to tell his first lie.
    So let's sum it up: The quote from the CBO did not mention  "entitlement" spending. (SS does not contribute to the debt). WTF Bill? The CBO always speaks in long range terms. Bill made up the part about the president being the "biggest spender in history", that would, in the last 60 years, be Reagan as the guy who expnded the federal work force and grew the debt by a greater % than any one else, all the while telling us that government is the not the solution, it's the problem (maybe he did all that growing and spending stuff to prove a point). But it's hard to be critical of a saint even if what you are saying is the truth. 
    Then there was G. W. Bush whose wars (unfunded) and tax breaks (unsupported by cuts) account for the lions share of the 17 trillion Bill is so concerned about. Bill's memory also fails on the historical side because that paragon of truth and integrity and "Gravitas" Dick Cheney told us that saint Ron proved that deficits don't matter, along with other truths such as reducing revenue increases income.
    REALITY CHECK BO: this president has the lowest growth in deficit spending in the same 60 year period, this president actually reduced the debt during the last 4 years while simultaneously confronting    the worst economic recession in the last 80 years. And of course Bill doesn't understand the difference between the "debt" and the "deficit", details don't matter do they Bill because it is YOUR audience that is too dumb to comprehend that the tsunami would be high enough to rival Noahs' flood if you attempted to "austere" your way out of this recession. Want proof of the austerity fallacy - the EU.
    Last proof of BillO's lying - his lips were moving and sounds were coming out! Then he told the biggest whopper of the evening "I'm gong to tell you the truth".
    Hamlet "the rest is silence" please Bill, go the f away your entertainment value is gone.

  • Andy Marquis


    Lewis Black's "Glenn Beck has Nazi Tourette's" rant needs to be revived.

  • majii

    Yep, Mr. B., also like the 2012 tsunami that caught republicans off guard.  O' Reilly, Fox News entertainers, and others on the right spent the last four years predicting the demise of the U.S. because of "something" Barack Obama would do/had done.   It would seem that after four years of crying, "Wolf! Wolf" and having none of their predictions come true, they'd be all cried out by now, but I guess they have to keep the natives nervous, restless, and constantly looking for those FEMA officials coming to take them to the FEMA camps and put them in those FEMA caskets.

  • Bull O'Really:  "This is like telling people standing on a beach that tsunami is coming, and if you don't move, you will be killed."

    You mean like in 2008, BillO?