Well folks, our fundraiser just got serious. We can't do this without you.



Well folks, our fundraiser just got serious. As of this morning, Paddy has major problems with her dinosaur computer. She barely got her posts up today, and she needs a new Computing Machine. There's just one tiny problem: She can't afford one.

broken computer

Please note: Without Paddy, the number of posts here at TPC would be cut in half. I'm only here from about 9-6 PT, and Paddy (Eastern Time) covers all the early breaking news that I see way after most of you do. So we have to cover the new, unexpected expense of a new computer for her, STAT. (One of my Twitter pals just suggested that we take a computer donation for Paddy... Absolutely we would!)

Not to mention all the other costs of maintaining The Political Carnival.

Please consider a donation, big or small, to keep us afloat. If everyone who dropped by on a daily basis dropped a coin in the bucket, we'd be done in no time.

If you'd like a snail mail address, email us at paddy at thepoliticalcarnival dot net. Thank you.

Psst! That "DONATE" BUTTON is Paypal:

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