Poll-itics: 95% of Independents, 93% of Dems, 89% of GOP-- including NRA members-- support background checks



According to a New York Times/CBS News poll, 95% of Independents, 93% of Democrats, 89% of Republicans support background checks for gun purchases. This includes NRA members. No matter what part of the United States people live in, they support background checks. Universal checks have universal appeal:

[A]bout 9 in 10 gun owners favor background checks as do people with no firearms in their home. Independents (95 percent), Democrats (93 percent) and Republicans (89 percent) all support a background check for those trying to buy firearms. No matter where people live: in the South, the Northeast, in big cities, in small towns. Even members of the National Rifle Association favor background checks. Only 7 percent of all adults in the survey, conducted Friday though Tuesday, oppose background checks for prospective gun customers.

Enough is enough.

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