VIDEO: Archie Bunker on gun control. Sound familiar? Compare/contrast to Gohmert, Russell Pearce, Pres. Obama


the more things change the more they stay same via smaller

I'm bumping up this post from July 22, 2012 (with minor tweaks) because it's more timely than ever in light of the Newton, Connecticut massacre.

If Norman Lear tried to sell "All in the Family" today, he'd get turned down for being too offensive. Think about that a good long time.

I’m so glad my pal Diane Sweet linked me to this video. As she so astutely said, “If you sound like Archie Bunker it might be time to rethink your position.”

The more things change…

Now take a look at this July 20, 2012 video of contrasting reactions to the Colorado shootings from Pres. Obama and GOP Rep. Louie Bunker, er, Gohmert. [Pres. Obama's January 14, 2013 press conference on life-saving policies regarding guns here]

And finally, here are a couple of screen grabs of ex-Sen. Russell Bunker, er, Pearce in his own words, via his Facebook page:

Russell Pearce on Colorado shooting FB first entryRussell Pearce on Colorado shooting FB



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