Sunday Links


Study: Oil sand production polluting lakes


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Is there a prize for the stupidest outfit at Men's Fashion Week in London...? If so one of these must be the winner

Beta-blockers 'may lower dementia risk'

Survey reveals how not to get a job

Video- Austria landslides amid heavy rain

Dawg Grog: Bend beer lover invents brew for dogs

4 tips for teaching kids to give back

  • flan59

    Thank you, and they are wonderful adults now.

  • Paddy

     Your kids are lucky to have you, they'll grow up to be decent human beings.

  • flan59

    My kids gave up Christmas and birthday presents from their grandmother since they were old enough to understand that she would use the money to help other kids who were less fortunate, in their names. Her brother, their great uncle, runs a center in Brazil for street kids. He is a Catholic brother and has been living there for 50 years, and started the center in 1982. Some kids live with no windows in their huts, and sleep in hammocks, and have dirt floors. Through their charity, kids get tutored, get away from street crime and prostitution, get new clothes and bicycles with which they can run errands and make money...and get windows for their huts. At home, I volunteered and worked for a women's shelter. They came with me to pick up and drop off donations. These things taught them that they are very rich, in comparison than just about everyone, and we are not rich in comparison to the US population.