Police: Fla. teen who bought gun illegally accidentally shot off his penis and testicle. Got regret?


got regret

The following little, erm, mishap occurred last September, but I only just got wind of it today. Via 11alive.com, an NBC affiliate:

A teenager is recovering after police say he shot himself in the penis and testicle while cleaning a gun he just bought.... Smeriglio told police he bought the gun last month at a party.

naked nude man covers crotch ouch

In light of all the gun talk these days, it seems appropriate to point out how very badly things can go when a firearm falls into the wrong hands.

Take these examples that my old pal @KagroX tweeted only minutes ago. The phrase "What could possibly go wrong?" comes to mind:

Second Amendment accidents.

shoot self in foot


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  • Paul Browne

    Your judgement is impeccable as always. You're right it is the person who uses the gun, but if the US wasn't awash with all these killing tools, then maybe more American kids would make it out of their teens?

  •  Bose, you've been banned. Have fun with your guns, now! Don't shoot anything off! I mean other than your mouth.

  •  Well now, bose, speaking of lists... you just got dumped from ours. Tsk, tsk, you should have read our guidelines.

    By the way, knives can't do what guns have done to all these people. Nice try, but your lack of logic matches your lack of class.

    Bye now!

  • bose_sucks

    As much as accidents with ladders have to do with ladders, or cars with car accidents.  It's the person using the tool that's a TOOL.  [EDITED BY ADMIN]

  • bose_sucks

    These idiots would have hurt themselves with knives.  It's about being stupid, not the Gun.  These same people do idiotic things with ladders, cars... you name it.  You want to start banning those?  [EDITED BY ADMIN]

  • Paul Browne

    You're right, of course, accidents with guns have nothing to do with guns!!
    And it would never happen to you, would it? Because you're not stupid, and have never had, nor never will have an accident.
    Good luck with that.

  • It has everything to do with guns. Stupid people used guns and those things happened. If they hadn't used a gun, then those things wouldn't have happened. And not all of them were necessarily stupid. Carelessness and other factors enter into this. IQ, maybe.

  • bose_sucks

    I read all of these.  Each case had one thing in common (besides a gun) ... A stupid person.  These people are going to eventually hurt themselves because of a diminished intellectual capacity, it had nothing to to with guns.

  • drrichardpaul

    All rifles were used in just 3.76325294186182% of all firearm related homicides. So, since we know that statistic, we can determine that Assault Rifles and high capacity Magazine clips make up a much smaller percentage of all firearm related deaths. While handguns were involved in 72.46883374111616% all firearm related homicides. Since we know this information, we can determine that the correlation between the rifles and handguns means there is a higher probability that a person will be shot with a handgun than a rifle. If we are to persist in the correlation talks, then we should regulate handguns far more than rifles. Further, since all known firearms, more than 300,000,000 are currently known, and the actual homicide rate of firearms is 8,583, then we can determine the chances of getting shot and killed by a known firearm is 0.002861%.Since we no this, we can say also say that correlation does not mean causation. When people are ready to start being grown up and having an adult conversation, then they will get more people to the table for serious talks about the real causes of our problems. Until then, we are stuck in the same illogical patterns of the past.

  • Still think more guns are the answer NRA? Can't fathom how you clean a gun while it's loaded. Are these the people who will protect us from harm at the movie theater, or the 1st Grade class of 2013? If you believe this then you're just as insane as those who commit these crimes thinking it will make them heroes or famous or whatever is flying around in their pathetic sick minds.

  • Sometimes I think Irony and Karma are best friends.