VIDEO: Still into Chris Christie, Dems? Not so fast.


chris christie enough about me

In my previous post Dems, what are you thinking? Chris Christie? Really??, I asked why Democrats are so blinded by one or two decent moves (motivated by, among other things, ambition) by a nasty conservative, egocentric blowhard that they'd start referring to themselves as "fans" of his.

In another post, one that I strongly suggest you read, Think for yourself. Ask questions. Do your homework, I Link and Link to his disdainful attitude and his not-Democratic political views. This should not be necessary, but apparently, it is.

Let's not, as a party, contribute to very-Republican Christie's future success, okay, Dems? Can we at least stop fawning over someone who cares very little about us and very much about himself and his very-Republican career?

use your head

Melissa Harris-Perry takes it from here, and for that she has my eternal gratitude:

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To Mr. 73% Approval/62% Dem Approval, from Melissa Harris-Perry:

"Let's hope you do a better job presiding over your state's storm recovery than you've done presiding over New Jersey's economic recovery... 47th in the nation in 2011. And right now the unemployment rate is 9.6%, surpassing the national rate by almost 2%."

"And so much for your reputation for telling the hard truth or telling the truth at all."

"You even went so far as to veto not once, not twice, but three times a tax increase on millionaires."

"Thanks to you, the women of New Jersey now have six fewer family planning clinics."

"That's fewer breast cancer exams, fewer cancer screenings, fewer lives that could be saved with preventive care. So yes, by all means, enjoy your moment, you've earned it! But thanks to your policy record, you've also earned what's coming to you in 2016, and I have a feeling America's voters are gonna give you exactly what you deserve."

Here's more on Chris Christie's political theater:

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