NBC Sports is sponsoring the largest gun show in America


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Gun dealers, traders, and enthusiasts are undoubtedly excited to attend the annual Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show in Las Vegas, which describes itself this way:

The Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show) and Conference is the largest and most comprehensive trade show for all professionals involved with the shooting sports, hunting and law enforcement industries. It is the world's premier exposition of combined firearms, ammunition, law enforcement, cutlery, outdoor apparel, optics and related products and services. The SHOT Show attracts buyers from all 50 states and more than 100 countries. The SHOT Show is owned and sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation and is produced and managed by Reed Exhibitions.

And, per Think Progress, NBC Sports is a lead sponsor.

As Media Matters noted in 2011, “'shooting sports' like elk hunting and clay target shooting... are represented at SHOT, as they are in the firearms industry as a whole, but they’re vastly overshadowed by handguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, home defense shotguns and the like, along with hollow point bullets, concealed carry holsters, tactical clothing and other 'personal protection' accoutrements."

Today, Media Matters’ Matt Gertz goes on to say:

But it is more than just a trade show; according to its organizer, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (the trade association for firearms manufacturers and dealers), “Any SHOT attendee will tell you the show is more than about selling and buying; it’s a powerful display of industry unity and its resolve to meet any challenge affecting the right to make, sell and own firearms.”

Media Matters posted a screen grab of SHOT's major sponsors:

gun show SHOT sponsors via Media MattersI went over to that very SHOT site, the one that featured those very sponsors. Here's what I see now:

gun show nbc sports sponsorship scrubbed

Second thoughts? Post-Newtown pangs of guilt? Ashamed? Concerned about your image, NBC? Or is SHOT randomly changing out whose logos they're featuring?

Think Progress:

No one is targeting the guns used in hunting and sport-shooting, because we can curb gun violence in this country without attacking the people who are able to safely and responsibly own and operate firearms for sporting purposes. Those guns, and those gun owners, aren’t the root of America’s gun violence problem, and that’s a fact recognized by everyone involved in the debate over how to prevent gun violence in America (yes, even the NRA). By making that distinction clear, NBC Sports could go a long way in making that debate smarter, sharper, and more accurate. It’s a shame it has chosen not to.

I'm going with ashamed and/or concerned about image... if, indeed, the logo was scrubbed.

  • Fascist network.  Tell you one thing on the news, and another on the nbc sports.  Yes the press release is from Newtown CT, not a mistake.  Also, thier sponsorship is no longer "touted" on the website, it has mysteriouslly disappeared.

  • I don't think we should vilify Law abiding citizens who like shooting sports, but I do believe that NBC has an obligation now to state their position on firearms and the control thereof. No free rides here. Regulation is as necessary here as your car exhaust. The graphs don't lie. There is a direct correlation between the number of guns and the amount of gun violence. One of the few wonderful things we lead the world in, besides most incarcerated citizens.

  • MSNBC is hardly liberal. Seen the daytime line up?

  • RingoDeathStarr

    Maybe NBC's sponsorship was meant to provide a balance to MSNBC. You know, fair and balanced, just like Fux Snooze.

  • Wow, no, good catch!

  • pszymeczek

    Did anyone besides me notice the address of the organization issuing the press release?  Newtown, Connecticut.

  • flan59

    I would not want my friends who are avid hunters of ducks, turkey, and deer to stop what they are doing...having said that, NBC is setting themselves up for negative publicity...but perhaps any