Poll-itics: And they're off! Congress begins 2013 with 14% approval, GOP at 6%


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Poor Congress. Everyone's always picking on them just because they never accomplish anything; and persist in playing political games instead of doing their jobs; and act like spoiled, entitled, tantruming brats; and continue to use the filibuster and other obstruction tactics more than any other Congress in the history of ever; and introduce anti-women's rights legislation instead of working on behalf of the Americans they represent who need, you know, jobs (aka "jobortion" bills); and parade in front of Tee Vee cameras when they should be bending over backwards to get this country out of an economic mess; and refuse to approve the president's judicial and cabinet nominees; and take more recesses than a kindergarten class; and... Shall I go on?

Did I mention the fight over Hurricane Sandy relief?

What's not to like?


Americans give Congress a 14% job approval rating as the new year begins, the lowest since September of last year and down from 18% in November and December. The disapproval rating for Congress is 81%. [...]

Republicans' approval of the job Congress is doing dropped to 6% in January, from 14% in December. This eight-percentage-point decline fits with the finding that rank-and-file Republicans had the most negative reactions to the fiscal cliff agreement reached at the end of the year. But Democrats' approval of Congress dropped by a similar degree -- six points, to 15% from 21%. Independents' approval rating was more constant at 17%, compared to 19% in December.

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In the broadest sense, one bit of good news for the new Congress is that its current job approval ratings are so low that they have practically nowhere to go but up.

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