More GOP madness... and these stories are from just the past few hours


wingnut alert

It's uncanny that Republicans, specifically conservative Republicans, specifically whacko crazy nutjob far right Republicans, are gung-ho-willing to continue pushing their whacko crazy nutjob far right agenda so enthusiastically after losing the November elections so badly.

Who in their right mind doesn't learn from such obvious mistakes? And by right mind I mean far right mind. And by far right mind I mean beyond help.

Check out today's headlines:

Louisiana GOP Governor [Jindal] Suggests Eliminating Corporate Tax, Paid For By Taxing The Poor

North Carolina Restaurant Owner Writes Lesbian Customers An Anti-Gay Letter

Three Things The NRA Wants You To Believe About Biden’s Gun Safety Task Force That Aren’t True

Video- Gun Activist: If Blacks Had Guns, They Wouldn’t Have Been Slaves

Head Of House Republican Group Is Okay With U.S. Default

Hobby Lobby Manipulating Employees’ Health Care Plans To Deny Them Access To Birth Control

And those are from just today. It's only about 2 pm here in SoCal. I'm sure there's much more wingnuttery where that came from.

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