Video- Morning Joe' Hosts Brawl Over Lack Of Women In Obama Administration


What a jackass. If that were me, he'd be in an emergency room right now trying to get those fingers reattached. Via.

  • David G

    Morning Joe, in and of itself is an embarrassment. And it's their two co-hosts (though nothing even remotely indicating that they're equals, Joe's the boss) is what's wrong with that show.  Both are blowhards and idiots... so they can do what they want... I'm not watching and the numbers for their show don't indicate they have all that much of a following.  People just don't like them... so much that they're willing to watch morons on Fox.  

  • flan59

    Mica is a verbally abused woman who doesn't knowhow to leave the relationship. She should not have apologized to that jackass.

  • nellcote

    What a bullshit "controversy".  Would that people paid this much attention to the lack of a Violence Against Women Act.