Poll-itics: Eric Cantor is extremely unpopular


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Public Policy Polling has some good news for Democrats, and it rhymes with Schmeric Schmantor, Schmen Schmuccinelli, and Schmovernor Schmorced Schmultrasound:

Bob McDonnell has solid numbers too, with a 48/35 approval spread. Even so he would trail Warner 52/42 if he tried to run for the Senate next year. The rest of the Republicans we tested do far worse. Bill Bolling would trail by 18 points at 53/35. Eric Cantor, who's a very unpopular figure with a 27/44 favorability rating, trails Warner 56/37. And likely 2013 Gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli does the worst in a hypothetical head to head with Warner, trailing 57/36. Barring some dramatic reversal of Warner's popularity he looks safe for next year.

And just to add to our smug-itude, President Obama's approval rating in Virginia is now up to 53 percent.

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