Wednesday Links



The bread pics are hysterical.

Baguetting... the new planking? Bizarre internet craze of posing with bread sticks

Encore Careers: It's never too late to help others

Women who walk for at least three hours a week less likely to have a stroke

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Expert busts the eight hour myth and says snoozing less could spell success for 2013

What's going on around Andromeda? Curious structure puzzles scientists.

Why sunset really is the most beautiful time of day: Incredible images of early evening light from across the world

Armed Hate Crime Victim Decides Not to Shoot Attacker

Could static electricity hold the key to predicting earthquakes? Scientists say they are close to breakthrough that could save lives

Gorgeous family tree photo necklace

From inflatable slimming shorts to a sauna suit: Hilarious photos of retro exercise gadgets show how fitness fanatics stayed slender in the 70s

Tracking device can find your lost luggage