Chart: Taxes schmaxes. Three-Quarters of deficit reduction has been via spending cuts


taxes schmaxes

chart deficit cuts not taxes

With the state of the economy as it is today, stimulus is a good thing. Spending works when done right, but austerity is not what we need right now. Yet Republicans insist on austerity measures which, as we’ve witnessed and is painfully evident overseas, are one big fat fail.

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David Cay Johnston:

“They do not want him to succeed. There`s no question about that. They are assert that spending more money is wrong. We really need to be spending a lot more money, fixing up our infrastructure and creating jobs and making the economy run better.

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When McConnell tried to claim on ABC’s This Week that revenue was off the table, anchor George Stephanopoulos wasn’t having it. And the numbers show he was exactly right.

I responded to McConnell's cut, cut, cut/stop spending gibberish here: VIDEO: Mitch McConnell is a lying, evasive GOP Sunday talk show hypocrite.