Supreme Court allows stem-cell research to proceed over objections of abortion-rights opponents

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Thank you for this one, Supremes. My mother died from Alzheimer's, as did my grandmother and great grandmother, so this one hits home. Aside from a promising compound that restores memory loss and reverses symptoms of Alzheimer's in mice, we still need to explore every option and avenue available to us.

Via The Hill:

The Supreme Court will not review a challenge to federal funding of human embryonic stem-cell research, allowing the controversial studies to proceed.

The justices on Monday rejected an appeal from two scientists who said stem-cell research violates federal law banning the creation and destruction of human embryos for scientific purposes.

The decision is a boon to supporters of stem-cell research, who believe it will yield treatments and cures for diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. [...]

In their ruling, appellate judges acknowledged ambiguity in laws governing stem-cell research, but ultimately deferred to the National Institutes of Health, which supports the studies.

Of course, the same people who equate stem cell research with murder are also the same people who are against legal abortions that save the lives of women whose suffer from life-threatening pregnancy complications. Those who equate blastocysts (cell clusters) and zygotes (single cells) with the already-born, living, and breathing might want to review this:

abortion rights choice

They also might want to remember that the in vitro fertilization process helps couples struggling with fertility to conceive. Unused embryos are eventually discarded, which, of course, they oppose. What would they propose doing with them? Isn't providing the opportunity to bring a life into the world their whole raison d'etre?

And how ironic that their candidate, Willard Mitt Romney, invested in a company that disposed of aborted fetuses from family planning clinics. But I digress.

Stem cells will be used to save, improve, and prolong lives. When will the so-called "pro lifers" finally figure out that stem cell research is one of the most pro-life endeavors there is?