Monday Links



All the pictures in the London story are really great.

Evocative 1930s' pictures reveal the eerie alleys and lost buildings of London

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Freedom to live in fear

Five inmates suing biggest beer and wine producers for $1BILLION because they say alcohol made them break the law...and they weren’t warned it was addictive

That's odd: A collection of the weird, unusual and just plain funny

Video- China ice festival's giant crystal palace

Favorite projects from Make magazine for 2012

Say it with cake! The shocking not-so-sweet messages made a little easier to swallow in icing

Rainbow-colored igloo

Epilepsy and migraine 'could have shared genetic link'

Ancient records shed light on Afghan Jews

The plant skyscrapers: Giant greenhouses in city centres to herald a new age of farming

What's going on around Andromeda? Curious structure puzzles scientists.