VIDEO: Mitch McConnell is a lying, evasive GOP Sunday talk show hypocrite


mitch mcconnell make obama one term president

Mitch McConnell is a lying, evasive GOP Sunday talk show hypocrite. He plunked his ample derriere down on every Sunday talk show chair in front of every Sunday talk show camera he could, stared us in our collective face and lied and evaded his fool head off.

Or as I like to call it, business as usual.

Transcript time (video below):

We have a debt the size of our economy, which makes us look a lot like Greece. Wrong. Austerity, the GOP panacea for all things budgetary, would make us "look a lot like Greece." How hard a concept is this?

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David Cay Johnston:

"They do not want him to succeed. There`s no question about that. They are assert that spending more money is wrong. We really need to be spending a lot more money, fixing up our infrastructure and creating jobs and making the economy run better."


And it's a shame that the president doesn't embrace the effort to reduce spending. He has.

chart spending Obama slowest in decades via market watch


Why should we have to be bringing him to the table? Why isn't he leading us in the direction of beginning to solve our long-term debt and deficit problem? It's perplexing to me that the president of the United States, elected to lead the country, is so reluctant to engage on the most important issue confronting our future. I hate to quote David Gregory, but... "Going back to the summer of 2011 it's the president who said, "Hey, to all of you Republican leaders, if you didn't have such a hard time saying yes to me, the president, we could have solved some of these problems."

Now we know he's good at campaigning, but when does he put the campaign aside and start governing and addressing the single biggest issue confronting America and its future? Or to put it another way, Obama has been reaching out to Americans, face to face, and in turn, they've shown their support and have given Congress an abysmal 18% approval rating. As for governing, you specifically, and your party, conspired to obstruct his every move since Inauguration Night.

You yourself made blocking his attempts to govern and making him a one term president your number one priority. And guess what? You lost:


My goal is always to try to accomplish progress. To achieve things for the American people. By doing what? Blocking productive legislation? Cutting programs for the poor, the elderly, the ill while supporting massive spending on the military? You call this the "pro life" party? More like the Pro Kill party: Kill Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, education, civil rights, clean energy, democracy as we know it, and face it, more Americans. McConnell's idea of "progress": Taking money from those who need it, from his fellow citizens, and instead of feeding them, he'd rather feed more wars, more death, feed into the biggest military budget in the world.

chart military spending us vs world

The world's top 5 military spenders in 2012.
Figures sourced from the SIPRI Yearbook 2012.

Figures sourced from the SIPRI Yearbook 2012.


The single biggest issue we have right now is this massive, massive debt hanging over the heads of our children and grandchildren. And where did that come from exactly? Oh yeah. Bush's time in office during which he and your pals stuck two wars and your precious tax cuts on a credit card creating "massive, massive debt hanging over the heads our children and grandchildren" after causing the biggest recession since the Great Depression.

chart debt changes under bush obama deficit via Ezra Klein

Via Ezra Klein at the Washington Post.


And while he made accusation after absurd accusation, while spewing all that blatant hypocrisy and double talk, time after time he refused to directly respond to David Gregory's questions. This man is a disgrace. Watch:

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  • Rock Mollica

    From day one this poor excuse for a Senator vowed to make it impossible for a Damocrat to govern. 300 Filibusters, Dream Act Blocked, Equal Pay for Women Blocked, VAWA killed, American Jobs Act Blocked, Internationsl Treaty for Disabled people voted down, Jobs for Returning Veterans Blocked, Mandate for 50mpg cars blocked. Does this man and his party stand for anything except GREED. Ditch Mitch in 2014. They are literally "Taking Our Country Back", back to the stone age.

  • Rob San Diego

    Mitch is just a feminine dinosaur, nothing that comes out of his dentured mouth is credible. He needs to go, he is a relic of the past, while our Nation moves forward. Republicans are the anchor that places drag on our Country. They must be voted out of office they are irrational, antiDemocracy and have openly shown treachery as solutions for their goals.

  • Dave Fouchey

    The Turtle is a lying sack of bovine excrement. And that is the nicest thing I can say about him/