Video- Discussing Record Number Of Women In Congress, Fox's Gutfeld Asks: "Do You Want Your Government Run By The View?"


Are there no women on his show to slap the shit out of him? Via.

  • You are right of course, and women would most certainly care more about children, their welfare and education after they are born.

  • What does this tell you about Faux? Is this real news? Is this journalism? Shouldn't we be celebrating, rather then demeaning, this achievement? This tells you how ignorant these paid bloviators are, and how warped and misinformed their viewership is. Three different studies show that people who watch Faux are more ignorant about the real issues than people who watch no news at all. What does that tell you about Faux?

  • Discussing Record Number Of Women In Congress, Fox’s Gutfeld Asks: “Do You Want Your Government Run By The View?”

    Well, Gutfilled -- after four years of watching GOP (men) screw it up, I'd settle for gov't run by someone with vision . . .

  • I really don't understand this sentiment at all.  I've probably got more testosterone sloshing around than I'll ever need, but I'd hand over the reins of power to women worldwide in a heartbeat if I had the power.

    Three thousand years of men running things has shown me women couldn't possibly (!) screw it up any worse than we have.

    Something tells me women would be more reluctant to commit troops to war, poison the air and water, or willing to engage in systematic racism and homophobia if they were running the show.