VIDEO: Big Oil is neither competent nor capable of safe drilling in the Arctic. Period.

Via Mark Fiore/San Francisco Chronicle

Via Mark Fiore/San Francisco Chronicle

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That Shell Arctic drilling “emergency plan”… What could possibly go wrong?  

Dep’t. of What Could Go Wrong? More headaches for Shell Alaska’s new offshore drilling program in US Arctic

VIDEO: Now what? Arctic offshore drilling, a broken oil rig. “What if the same problems had been encountered miles away?”

Please read those posts, and then watch the video. As opposed to fossil fuels, green energy doesn't cause widespread damage or death to living things. The wind and the sun don't pollute our waters, wildlife refugees, and seas. They don't leak radioactive waste or filthy, toxic oil, they don't threaten millions of people's lives nor do they threaten Mother Earth.

Yes, they have their problems, but please, compare and contrast. Drilling in the frigid, monster seas where emergency aid can be ineffective is a disaster waiting to happen. And for all we know, one is about to.

Rachel Maddow:

"Shell currently has two rigs in operation in the Arctic. The one on the left is the one that just ran aground off the coast. The one on the right is now as of today reportedly the subject of a criminal investigation. CBS news reporting tonight that the U.S. Coast Guard has opened up a criminal investigation into that Shell rig as a result of, among other things, serious issues with the ship's safety management and pollution control systems."

And we're supposed to trust these mega corporations and the Drill Baby Drill "pro life" Congress members who pocket their money?

yeah right