Saturday Links



Saturdays are boring.

A bathing tigress, an Alaskan bear on the hunt and a Swiss mountain in moonlight: The stunning images from across the globe voted best photographs of 2012

Teen delinquency linked to infancy economy

Argentina reignites Falklands row with newspaper letter

A must-read for anyone who wants to be less stupid

Larry, the projectile vomiting robot helping a British team learn to stop the spread of norovirus

WWII soldier's tale is finally told decades after his death

Can a computer out-compose Mozart?

Making in the classroom: "Decades of research confirm that making and doing things cement knowledge in ways that lectures can't"

Samsung teases 'unprecedented new TV shape' set to be revealed next week (and it could be transparent as well)

Video- Kid Freaks Out After Prankster Mom Tells Him He Accidentally Purchased a Mustang on eBay

History's weirdest fad diets