Female unemployment exceeds men's for first time since recession. Guess why...


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L.A. Times:

For the first time since the recession began, the unemployment rate for adult women surpassed that for adult men, indicating that while the U.S. might have been a "mancession," it also appears to be experiencing a "mancovery."

The unemployment rate for women 20 years and older rose to 7.3% in December, from 7% the month before. Unemployment for men of the same age remained at 7.2% in December.

Guess why that is... I'll wait.

checking watch waitingTimes up. Here's why:

You know all those government jobs that have been cut? The ones that Republicans want to cut even more because they hate government so much? 13,000 government jobs were lost from November to December, and 68,000 since December 2011. Those jobs include teachers:

Women occupy about two-thirds of public sector jobs, according to Joan Entmacher, vice president for Family Economic Security at the National Women’s Law Center. Women make up a large part of local government payrolls because they are a large proportion of the teachers in the country. The nation lost 53,900 local government education jobs in the last year.

So guess who's feeling the brunt of unemployment these days? That's right, the very women who educate our children. Hey, I used to be one of those!

Not only do women make less money than men, but this also happened:

Unemployment rose for single mothers, indicating that households headed by women could be especially vulnerable in the recovery.

5.1 million women, aged 20 and over, are still out of work. Those nice white GOP men on the Hill are salivating over the thought of slashing even more government jobs, which means more women will be jobless. Which means their families will suffer. Meaning their children. Which means they'll be more vulnerable. Which means they'll need more health care. Which they won't be able to afford.

How many of those nice white GOP men boast that they're big "pro life, family values" guys?

Of course, according to those same legislators, the ones who also deny that their zillions of abortion bills trump jobs bills in Congress, there is no War on Women.

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    I don't completely agree with the author. The stats given in the article above are really somewhat inconsequential in the larger context... and tend to support a more narrow agenda: gender politics.

    It might be more constructive to see the problems plaguing us as human problems... in lieu of gender problems, etc. Frankly, I get suspicious when 'diversity' is accented more than UNITY. Born in the halls of 'acadamnia', diversity is the clever poisonous fruit of racist, sexist, bigoted tribe-all-eeego. It is NOT unity. Think about it. See the BIGGER picture. 

    Alas! I am (to quote others) an 'evil, straight while male... without a bar mitzvah'. This sexist, racist, bigoted imprimatur carries a lot of suppressive negativity, especially since the end of the $ovietnam war era. Albeit I often support more 'liberal' or 'leftist' agendas, I am constantly viewed (usually by the PARTISAN left) as the enemy (or the "new nigger") by various desparate groups coalescing around narrow identities that are LESS than human.

    Again! Think carefully before criticizing this posting. Most unfortunately... it rings an ugly truth about the human condition... and why humanity is failing. We shall unite as an 'especies' or suffer an extinction event before 2100. Better wake up and see it.

    The image of the painting attached to this blog posting is called 'The Rapture'. It is where all of ewe-folks on Planet Over-birth Earth are presently situated. If the biosphere of the planet collapses... gender identity, ethno-centric identity, skin color, sexual orientation, religion and politics won't matter. Dead is dead.  


  • JD Adam

    We can expect as women to fall into a number of "focus" catagories that disappointed the Billionaires Boys Club.  In total they spent over 6 Billion on bribes, contributions and ground operations in 2012, they aren't accustomed to loosing to us when it comes to money.    Being bullies, they  lie in wait to get even, and they are very good at it.  Notice that certain groups of Americans are now being specifically targeted, besides us.  Their eternal policy is to beat us down by denying us the necessities of life, then,  terrorized and destitute, we willingly  comply with their propagandized policies. It worked brilliantly on us for their war on Iraq. 
    I don't believe they know us very well, nor do they realize we are remembering what we are as Americans; Constitutionally bound to insure our Government serves We The People, and none else, though all may benefit.

  • disgvnv

    The GOP are steady doing themselves down the drain, and they are so self enamoured they don't know." whom the Gods wish to ..."

  • Sally

    Well, since they hate women, women who are educated, women who think, and women who dare to want control over their own bodies, this is hardly a surpriise. In my town, I, a 60 year old woman with an employed husband, just took a paraprofessional job in my schools. I have a degree and a teacher's certificate. I am making $7.86/hour, 20 cents LESS than I made as  a para 25 years ago. Should I decide to sub again, requiring me to be in charge of 30 or more students for 7 hours a day, I would make the SAME $10/hour I made back then. Are the white males really out to end women's employement as well as their right to decide if and when they want to be mothers? If so why? Are they so threatened by educated women that they are fighting back in the only way they know short of 
    throwing us in jail? I am waiting for the first bill to come up in Arkansas or Missouri denyign women the vote. I'm sure ALEC is busy writing it out for them.

  • Older_Wiser2

    Who says there's no war on women?