VIDEO: Kids demand a plan to end gun violence. Please listen to them.


out of the mouths of babes kids

Hey GOP gun "enthusiasts" and Second Amendment fanatics, these kids are asking you to do something about all these senseless shootings, the unnecessary, deadly large capacity gun magazines, the availability of military assault weapons, and children and other living and breathing human beings being slaughtered.

Sometimes very tragic things can be prevented, so why oh why would there be any objection to their requests?

Nobody's suggesting taking away guns that are not intended to kill only people and in large numbers. None of these children is asking to repeal the Second Amendment. But common sense, life-saving safety measures are wise and humane. They are pleading for those.

Listen to the kids. They're on to something:

"No more violence."

"Not in my classroom."

"Every day fourteen kids are murdered."


"Every day."

"That's insane."

"More guns are not the answer."

"Demand a plan!"

"A real plan."