Quickie: Conservative Club for Growth will punish members voting for Sandy flood aid


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Today's Quickie:

Via The Hill:

The conservative Club for Growth said Friday that it will punish House members who voted for a flood insurance measure aimed at helping pay for Hurricane Sandy’s damage.

How many of those Club for Growth members call themselves "pro life"?

Of those members, how many call themselves hypocrites?

pro life hypocrisy Via Sodahead

That was today's Quickie. Was it good for you?

  • 67 members of Congress, all Republicans, voted NO on the Disaster Relief Bill for victims of Hurricane Sandy because of pressure from entities outside the government. Special interest groups are controlling members of the Republican caucus. This is not Democracy and if legislators need to get approval from lobbyists and special interest groups before they vote then this Nation is in serius trouble. These legislators work for the people who voted for them, not the people who fund their TV ads and campaign funds and threaten them with primaries. This is corruption of the highest order. New York and New Jersey could be Florida or Texas after the next disaster and Americans need to know that their government will be there with funding, National Guard or anything else they need to get back on their feet. We give billions to foreign nations for absolutely no reason but cannot find funding for Americans in need. If it's OK to start two wars and then worry about the funding then we should not hesitate to help disaster victims first and worry about the funding later, otherwise we are not UNITED States. There is plenty of cash in Oil Subsidies, Farm Subsidies, Corporate Welfare (40% of Big Businesses pay no taxes) Check and see how your reps voted on this issue. It's fundamentally American to help one another in time of need. We have done this after Twisters, floods, fires, droughts and hurricanes. To change the rules now for strictly political reasons is flatly Un-American and shameful. This is on you Boehner and Can'tor. America is tired of your childish spiteful games.