Video- Rep. Huelskamp (R-KS) Doubts Sandy Aid Bill is Necessary


Yeah, but when Kansas needs money for tornado destruction you're all over it. Via.

  • labman57

    And how did this ass hat respond to his own Kansas constituents' requests for federal aid after a natural disaster such as a tornado devastated an entire community?

    This is what happens when you regard empathy and compassion for others as a character flaw.

  • So -- he doubts an aid bill for hurricane victims is "necessary" -- but, I'll bet he thinks the insertion of a vaginal probe into a woman (with or without her consent) should be required.

    Gotta love "compassionate conservatism" . . .

  • Kansas, huh? Well, if his house gets wiped out by a tornado and he comes looking for money from FEMA, let's just hope they kick him out of the building.