Re-elected as Speaker, but John Boehner is in no way "Sinatra-era cool."


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Lisa Mascaro has a piece in today's L.A. Times, "John Boehner is battered but likely to retain speakership." The article is fine, informative, and goes into detail about his style and whether or not he'll continue in his role as Speaker of the House (he will, see below).

But I couldn't help but notice this sentence at the very end of the article:

Exhibiting a Sinatra-era cool, with his tailored suits, neatly barbered hair and smoke-filled office, Boehner is not easily rumpled by the raucous lawmakers he tries to lead.

Seriously? The Chairman of the Board? John Boehner just got re-elected as House Speaker but he was contested. (Eric Cantor got three votes, Colin Powell got one, and there were others.) At best, he's Chairman of the Bored.

Comparing The Boehner to Frank Sinatra is like comparing Tom DeLay to Bruce Springsteen. You must never do that again, Ms. Mascaro. 

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Please and thank you.

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UPDATE via an email alert from Politico: (corrected)

12 GOP lawmakers either opposed him, voted present or abstained. They include: Georgia Rep. Paul Broun, Michigan Rep. Justin Amash and Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert.

California Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D) got 192 votes for speaker.