Just when you thought you were safe from the tea party, they're ba-a-ack!


they're back

Not that I have anything against very rude, often uneducated, well-armed conservatives loudly disrupting town hall meetings while adorning themselves with misspelled racist signage and three-cornered hats with tea bags hanging all over them, but come on, seriously? The tea party is planning a comeback?

seriously with question mark

 Via The Daily Beast:

Until last night, the conventional wisdom in Washington was that the Tea Party was on the wane. Congressional leaders of the nascent movement, like Allen West and Joe Walsh had lost reelection, or, like Jim DeMint, had decided to leave politics altogether.  House Speaker John Boehner had stripped some of the more outspoken members of the Tea Party caucus of their congressional leadership posts, a sign that the GOP establishment was no longer going to be led by its ultra-conservative tail.  The big money groups backing the Tea Party were falling apart in a spate of post-election season squabbling.

However... there's always a however...

... the tea baggers (they coined that word themselves, by the way) are a little peeved about Congress voting to allow a teeny tiny percentage of the Bush tax cuts to expire, so out come the Don't Tread on Me flags.

evolution of gop

Outrageous,” said Matt Kibbe, president of Freedom Works, “is an understatement. This bill is an epic fail.”

Where's Dick Armey when you need him? Oh yeah. Depositing his $8 million.

In Ohio, Cincinnati Tea Party president George Brunemann said he looked forward to “having a conversation” with Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, who voted in favor of the measure.

I think you will see more challenges [in 2014],” he said. “I am deeply concerned. We always knew that we had some people who were willing to go to the dark side of the force. We now need to show that the Tea Party movement isn’t dead.

ruh roh 2

Chad Connelly, the chairman of the South Carolina GOP:

“If you think 2010 was the Tea Party Congress, just wait until 2014. You will see people even more angry and up in arms. I don’t think we have seen nothing yet.”

"I don't think we have seen nothing yet"? Grammar aside, Chad's mistaken, we've seen it all. We just don't want to see it all again:

Tea bagger hats

  • I kinda miss them. They make me look all genius-y. 

  • bpollen

    When I see that collection of jaunty chapeaus at the bottom, I find a strange craving for a really really big cup of boiling water...

  • “If you think 2010 was the Tea Party Congress, just wait until
    2014. You will see people even more angry and up in arms. I don’t think
    we have seen nothing yet.”

    YAAAAWWWNN . . . the teabaggers can stamp their feet and yell all they want; their heyday has passed.

    The Kochsucker Brothers, the ones who funded this astroturf  movement in the first place, have turned off the money spigot they needed for survival -- this explained why there were so few teabagger rallies the past couple of years; all their money and time went to trying to buy Mittens Romney the White House.

    Plus, this past election showed that the electorate, when properly motivated, IS smart enough to reject loudmouthed idiots like Walsh and West; just as the '06 midterms were a prequel to the '08 election, '12 will be a foretaste to '14, when the rest of the teabagging idiots get shown the door..

  • They're not my cup o'tea...but I love their deep thinking and...ummm...CREATIVE spelling.

  • Freaking loonie tunes ass hats Lass.