House GOP: Relief for Sandy victims can wait! We have Obamacare repealing to do!

Via Popgothecrackers

Via Popgothecrackers




Why, it seems like only yesterday when we posted VIDEO: GOP Rep. Peter King bashes own party over Hurricane Sandy, halts donations to House Republicans and VIDEO- Chris Christie: “There is only one group to blame: the House majority and their Speaker, John Boehner.”

Oh wait. It was yesterday. So was this: House GOP blocks Violence Against Women Act, but at the moment, we're discussing Hurricane Sandy relief.

Oh wait, no we aren't. Why? Because Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Rubber Room) is-- wait for it-- doin' some fancy repealin' introin':

tweet bachmann repeal health care... again

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Wowzers, the Very FIRST Bill of the 113th! Way to go, 'Chele, because, you know, this repeal effort has been working out so well for the GOP so far.

Think Progress reminds us why:

House Republicans have unsuccessfully voted 33 times in the last two years to eliminate health care reform and wasted at least 88 hours and $50 million, while failing to pass a single piece of job creation legislation in the last session of Congress.

Dozens of Republicans, including 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney, ran against Obamacare, yet the party suffered losses every step along the way.

The least productive Congress in ages is trying its level best to achieve Least Productive Congress EVER status. They're well on their way.

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  • Only a serious electorate can change things in DC. Obstructionism is holding this Nation and it's Recovery Back. When the GOP say they want to "Take the Country Back" they mean it literally. They want to take it back to before the Voting R ights Act, Roe V Wade, Minimum Wage, Right to Collective Bargaining. #RockTheHouseIn2014 Continue to vote out obstructionists and those not mentally equipped to govern, whose actions are motivated by hate, spite,  bigotry and the lack of compassion. We are Americans and always come together in crisis. This Congress, and especially not a proven dingbat like Michelle Bachman will not stand in our way.

  • Why stop at repealing Obamacare?  Why not Obama, or.. The Constitution!  Or Winter Undercoating?  Or Smurfs unicorn pony Doctor who whoo hooo HOOO HA HAHAHAHAHAHA woo woo #congresswomanMicheleBachmanR-MN #welcomeToThe113thCongressIdiotCaucus