Conservative women's group: More Democratic women in Senate = "less freedom"


women senate 2013

Video via ABC News.

One might think that a record number of women in the U.S. Senate would mean more diversity, fresh viewpoints and attitudes, and an important milestone. One might. If one were not a member of a conservative women's group who see this as a negative development, one that is harmful to government.

But only because the historic number of female Senators includes mostly Democrats.

So much for supporting ...

girl powerVia The Hill, Independent Women's Forum Executive Director Sabrina Schaeffer:

"While a lot is being made about the record number of women joining the Senate, the reality is the majority of these women are Democrats – 16 of the 20 – and as a result we are likely to see higher taxes, bigger government, and less freedom... [P]rogressive policies fail women and their families."

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