Video- Conservative Activist Group Spokesman: House GOP Will Not Support Senate's Fiscal Cliff Plan


I thought about getting excited last night, but I knew better. The whole deal stinks.

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  • Harbor Guy

    Actually, I never thought that the deal was "sealed". The ShitHead Pukes and Baggers in the House are going to continue to SCREW over Americans that are not Bazillionaires. Period.

    It's just so pathetic that the major medias won't tell it like it is, that these Terrorists hold us hostage and seem to have some kind of death with for America.

    Happy New Year!

  • David G

    First off, let it be clear.  There is no deal until the House approves... and it doesn't look like that's going to happen... and maybe that's good. Maybe now they can get serious... The "almost deal" looked like some wins and some losses -- especially for the middle class having a higher payroll tax taken from them... So we're over the cliff, 2013 is here and maybe we'll see something positive happen... If we wanted negative, we could have elected Romney.  DG