Some Virginia schools to close January 2nd due to website post about Newtown shootings


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Letter from Superintendent Terry Arbogast II posted on the school system's website

This is now part of the Newtown legacy, sadly. Via local NBC affiliate WSLS10:

The Giles County Schools system adds new precautions and protections to schools in Narrows, after a posting on an internet website. [...]

Based on the information from State Police, county leaders decided to close all schools tomorrow. [...]

The sheriff's office reiterated that it has not received any specific threat to any Giles County schools.  The closing decision was made as a precaution.

Now "additional precautions" and plans to install "additional safeguards" are in their "near future." Our children shouldn't have to live in fear this way, nor should parents. Good thing we have all those guns to protect us from all those guns.

Welcome to the new abnormal.

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H/t: Andy Marquis