Graham: "Save your powder for the debt ceiling fight.” McCain (VIDEO): "There’s gonna be a pretty big showdown."


frick n frack

John Sidney McCain on CNN with Wolf Blitzer:

"I think there’s gonna be a whole new field of battle when the debt ceiling rolls around. Most of us have pledged that we’re gonna have to… before we vote again to raise the debt ceiling — even though it may be at great political cost — we’ve got to address spending, and that means entitlements. We’ve got to sit down together and get us back on a path… look, we just added, what, $2.1 trillion in the last increase in the debt ceiling, and spending continues to go up. I think there’s gonna be a pretty big showdown the next time around when we go to the debt..."

Yes indeedy, Frick and Frack are at it again, this time humming their little "Screw America" tunes, harmonizing, holding hands, and skipping down Hostage-Taking Lane.

Via Think Progress:

Ironically, McCain was among those most critical of phantom Medicare “cuts” in the Obamacare legislation, calling reductions in the program “a price that Americans should not be asked to pay.”

But now, McCain and other Republicans are making it clear: either programs protecting the health and financial solvency of American seniors must be significantly cut — or they will thrust the nation into an economic calamity unheard of since the Great Depression.

And via Politico, here's what McCain's little BFF had to say on Fox:

“We’re going to get blamed and about two weeks into this, we’ll fold like a cheap suit. … Save your powder for the debt ceiling fight.”

By all means, rest up, because it takes a lot out of a Republican to sink an entire country.

  • Anyone who thought this party was soul searching and looking to change is delusional. They have only one speed, reverse and they want to"Take the Country Back" to a time when the Robber Barons ruled. They are ready to threaten the faith and ability of the United States to pay it's debts again, in spite of their abysmally low approval rating and public disdain. They created so much turmoiil last year that our Credit Rating was downgraded for the first time in history. All because the markets didn't trust Republicans to pay the bill for money already spent. They claimed PBO wanted a blank check but this is a lie, they spent the money and didn't list it in the budget. Most don't realize that the Debt Ceiling deals with money already spent. War is expensive and with the loss of revenue due to outsourcing and downsizing the people who pay the highest percentage of taxes, The Middle Class, the Ceiling must be adjusted. This is normal and not a Leftist idea. Republicans raised it 17 times, 7 times under Reagan with no fanfare. Now, however, the so called Deficit Hawks who doubled the National Debt, use every opportunity to try to decimate the Social Safety Net which has worked for Americans, including Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney's parents. They are obsessed with it when they know more is wasted on defense than any other program. We spend more than the next dozen or so Civilized Countries combined on defense. Most of which is unnecessary and only makes certain people extremely rich. Look there for the money, look to the cash give to Haliburton,  look to Corporate Welfare to the tune of billions, look at companies like GE who pay ZERO taxes. look to offshore bank accounts and loopholes which allow a quarter billionaire to pay only 13.9% on 20 million dollars while most pay 20-30% on their income.
    This party is bought and owned by Corporations. Look at how they vote and see whose interests they protect. They want to repeal the Minimum Wage, repeal the ACA (wasted taxpayer time voting 33 times to repeal it when it will reduce the deficit over ten years), voted against the Disabilities Treaty, Dream Act, Equal Pay for Women, The American Jobs Act. Anyone with the desire to know what is really going on in Washington will find that they represent only the Banks and Big Business and have since Eisenhower. Look to the real Welfare Queens, Corporations who pay little or no taxes, get subsidies to build, are allowed to outsource American Jobs out of greed, and the 113th Congress who is about to get a raise and decided they will work only two days a week, if you call doing nothing work.
    McCain and Graham are a National joke. They are the face of bought politicians and corporate flunkies nationwide. Their negativity can no longer be tolerated if we want a Democracy that works. Rid politics of these Corporate Minions on both sides of the aisle. Vote them out. Just look at Arizona and it's rankings among the states. It's pitiful. Tend you your real constituants John not your Big Money Backers.

  • Harbor Guy

    Sooooo...who is the "Grover" of the Debt Ceiling?

    My, my...Pukes and Baggers...always saying NO, NO, NO.

    They bring me down.