Fiscal BS


fiscal bs cliff

Every morning we scour various news outlets to bring you stories. We watch the Tee Vee Machine, we read newspapers, we dig through the Internets, we listen to the Radio Machine, you name it.

We usually come up with an array of reports to share with you, but today was different. Today there was only one story, one endlessly rehashed story, one story repeated ad nauseam, one topic that I heard, saw, and read over and over and over again, augmented by occasional mentions of Hillary Clinton being admitted to hospital with a blood clot following her concussion, President Obama's push for common sense gun safety, and of course, Kanye and Kim's Big Pregnancy News.

But overall, the news is being completely and annoyingly dominated by this:






So if we here at TPC fail to bring you an interesting variety of posts today, you now understand why that would be.

  • And as soon as this round of BS is over we get to deal with more BS in the form another debt ceiling negotiation.

    My personal opinion is that we already know the current bunch of Republicans are not serious about truly shared sacrifice, and compromise. Their ideal outcome is a return to soup kitchens and poor houses/farms for those w/o the means to survive on their own.

    Oh, and I'm sure debtors prisons will have to be a part of that ........ along with archaic changes in women’s rights, regarding both health decisions and workplace rights. Speaking of workers rights .... fuggedaboutit!

    So I say the hell with it! Go over the cliff!