And over the "fiscal cliff" we go... No deal today!


H/t:  @michaelbiette for the video.


...Republicans have no plans to hold a vote on any Senate-passed legislation to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff.

So there you have it. Thelma, meet Louise:

thelma and louise cliff

So much for the Bush tax cuts. What will the Obama tax cuts look like?

Speaking of the president, check out Ezra Klein's post "Here’s what Republicans really hated about Obama’s news conference." Video of his presser here.

Holding America hostage is no longer an option... at least for now. As for that "fiscal cliff" phrase, it will soon be replaced by "debt ceiling" all over the media. Keep your Pepto Bismol and Valium handy.


The House is not scheduled to vote on any fiscal cliff package on New Year's Eve, so the United States is technically going over the fiscal cliff, but perhaps only for a day or two if the White House and congressional leaders can win enough support for passage of a tax package already being negotiated between Senate leaders and the White House. Timing for House and Senate votes remained unclear with just a few hours to spare before 2012 ends.

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